Win $5,000 for Phoenix Rising and PANDORA in One-Time Facebook Vote!

by Sasha

Backwards, forwards.. just so long as you vote! Image by Dean Terry/Flickr
Backwards, forwards.. just so long as you vote!
Image by Dean Terry/Flickr

After pushing so hard for so many of our organizations in these online voting contests, it’s refreshing to ask you to vote for us this time! Both Phoenix Rising and PANDORA are in the Bogs (lovely name) Footwear contest in which the top two charities will each win $2,500 (£1,700, €1,900), and we can all vote for both.

Phoenix Rising, of course, provides the ME/CFS community with reliable information, advocacy, support for other charities and a busy forum; PANDORA Org advocates and educates about neuro-immune diseases including ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, Lyme and Gulf War Illness, targeting local and national US government agencies to influence policy and improve patients’ lives.

Both deserve our mouse-clicks and each of us can vote for both charities so we don’t have to choose between them. Although the contest is for US and Canadian charities, it appears that votes are being accepted from anywhere in the world.

How to vote

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Go here to vote for Phoenix Rising.
3. Click the ‘Like’ button on the top right.
4. Click on ‘Vote’ and you will be asked to let Photo Contest access your public profile, friend list and likes. You can’t vote without clicking ‘OK’ but you can click ‘Skip’ in the next pop-up to prevent Photo Contest posting to your friends on your behalf. Once you’ve voted for PANDORA Org, you can remove Photo Contest from your Facebook apps (see below).
5. Go here to vote for PANDORA Org.
6. If you wish to remove Photo Contest from your Facebook apps, go to your Facebook homepage (from any Facebook page, click on ‘home’ on the top right). Click on ‘App Centre’ in the lefthand sidebar and in the new sidebar that appears, click on ‘Your apps’. Move your pointer over ‘Photo Contest’ and click on the ‘x’ that appears in the top right of that box to delete the app.

Done! Thank you. And you know the next bit by now: please tell your friends and family to vote too! The closing date of Wednesday, 24 July is very close.

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The state of play

At the time of writing, PANDORA is already in third place and Phoenix Rising, who only entered a few hours ago, is already 14th in a field of 36. The current leaders only have 400 and 300 votes respectively; when our community turn out in force we can gather thousands of votes and we have a spectacular record of wins. In fact, we’ve won over $400,000 (£270,000, €310,000) in such contests already. We can certainly achieve this and get much-needed funds for our organisations who do so much for us.

Let’s win this one – let’s get voting!

Remember that Phoenix Rising costs money to run and needs your donations to support it. Please hit the button below and donate!


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