Overviews of Papers on RNase L

These papers chart the findings of studies examining RNase L’s role in ME/CFS. Most were published after CFS ABA

  1. G-actin: A Screening Test for CFS?’ (01)
  2. ‘A Channelopathy in CFS?’  (01) 
  3. The Dynamics of RNase L Degradation’ (02)
  4. Mycoplasmas and RNase L Fragmentation’ (02)
  5. Channelopathy – A First Study’ (03)
  6. An Overview from Patrick Englebienne’ (03)
  7. ‘CFS Patients: Increased Risk of Weak Bones?’ (03)
  8. ‘RNase L and Thyroid Dysfunction?’ (03) 
  9. Breathing Difficulties and RNase L?’  (04)
  10. A Landmark Paper?’ (04)
  11. Cracks in the Dike? (05)
  12. Testing RNase L – A Biomarker for CFS?’ (05)

Focus on the RNase L Enzyme: These papers provide a more complete understanding of RNase L

  1. ‘More! RNase L’ (90-00) – 2-5OAS activation/the 100 kDa isoform: An odd man out? And other possible consequences of RNase L dysregulation.
  2. RNase L and PKR: A Vicious Circle? (03)
  3. Cellular Stress – A  Key Player in RNase L Dysfunction in CFS? (04)
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