Dr. Dan Peterson (Incline Village, Nevada)

Peterson1Dr. Dan Peterson was at the epicenter of the Incline Village outbreak in the mid 1980’s that helped put CFS on the map.  Stunned by the depth of the disorder Dr. Peterson has devoted most of his practice at Sierra Internal Medicine to treating chronic fatigue syndrome for the past three decades.

Dr. Peterson is a past board of directors and scientific advisory board member of the HHV-6 Foundation, a founding board member and past President of the IACFS/ME and a founding member of the Whittemore-Peterson-Institute in Reno, Nevada. Citing a lack of collaboration, Dr. Peterson left the Institute in March, 2010 at the height of the excitement over XMRV; his later study with Dr. Jay Levy suggested  XMRV was a laboratory contaminant.

Dr. Peterson opened a new office in 2012 with a small laboratory.  The head researcher for the Simmaron Foundation, Dr. Peterson is collaborating with the Chronic Fatigue Initiative and Ian Lipkin on its pathogen study, the Open Medicine Institute on a Rituximab trial, PHANU – the Australian ME/CFS research effort – on natural killer cell and spinal fluid studies, and the CDC in a multi-site diagnostics study. A list o.f his selected publications can be found on his Wikipedia page

Dr. Peterson received the Rudy Perpich award in 2003, and the  Nelson Gantz Outstanding Clinician Award from the International Association for CFS/ME in 2007.



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