Lack of Energy

EnergyHow to increase energy in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) is, of course, the 50 million dollar question.  Dr. Lerner has evidence that every one of the other symptoms in chronic fatigue syndrome improves when patients’ energy levels improve; energy, or the lack of it, appears to be a key factor in this disorder.

None of the treatments in this section purport to return ME/CFS patients to their former energy levels. What they may be able to do – in some patients – is increase them.

Fighting fatigue is not simple or one-dimensional and its causes in chronic fatigue syndrome (and elsewhere) are still a mystery. Given the range of possibilities it’s not surprising  that the different treatments described below attack different problems. While the stimulants, for instance, aid the brain in more effectively utilizing the information presented to it, many of the alternative treatments focus on one or another aspect of mitochondrial functioning.

Other approaches (not described below) involve getting better sleep, staying within one’s energy envelope and slowly enlarging it, tackling diet, enhancing blood volume, retraining the mind to avoid stressful thoughts and feelings that deplete an already overworked stress-response system; each of these has been effective in different patients. Battling ME/CFS effectively usually requires using a multi-dimensional  treatment approach under the guidance of a qualified medical professional.

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