Treatment Blogs

ProblemSolvedWelcome to our Treatment Blogs section! Check out ME/CFS patients as they blog about their experiences with particular protocols or doctors. Want to share your experience? Let us know! (

Kelvin Lord and Ampligen

In his own inimitable, highly entertaining fashion Kelvin blogs about his year plus experience with Ampligen in Dr. Lapp’s office.  At the end of his rope, after trying many different treatments, Kelvin practically crawled into Dr. Lapp’s office in early 2010. How did he fare? Check out his blogs here.

Corinne Visits Dr. Peterson

A long-term patient getting no help from the medical establishment (ring a bell?) Corinne decided it was time to make to see a real ME/CFS professional and so began her series of blogs on her experiences with one of our most experienced physicians, Dr. Dan Peterson. Check out her blogs here.

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