Dr. Paul Cheney

Dr. Cheney

One of the most prominent and creative doctors specializing in CFS, Dr. Cheney was on the scene in the Incline Village ‘outbreak’ that brought the disease to national attention in the mid 1980’s.

Carol Sieverling and the Dallas/Fort Worth Chronic Fatigue Support Group must be acknowledged for their efforts in disseminating Dr. Cheney’s thoughts on and protocols for CFS to the general public. A small library on Dr. Cheney’s thoughts is available on their site.  Links to those files are provided below.  Get video’s of Dr. Cheney and others from the DFW site by clicking here.

Dr. Cheney’s New Approach– A 2003 study by Arnold Peckerman has prompted a dramatic change in Dr. Cheney’s orientation towards CFS.  Check out a set of  2005 papers called The Heart of the Matter that detail Cheney’s new approach. These papers were authored, once again, by Carol Sieverling of the Dallas Fort Worth group.

Dr Cheney’s 2006 Video – ‘The Heart of the Matter’ – further discussion of Dr. Cheney’s focus in cardiac issues in ME/CFS

Dr. Cheney’s Basic Treatment Plan (03)- Start here! Check out this beautifully put together outline of Dr. Cheney’s 2003 treatment plan provided by the DFW. It provides much food for thought.

The Phases of CFS (99) – Over his many years to treating thousands of CFS patients Dr. Cheney believes he has identified three general physiological phases that most CFS patients go through over time.

How to Rebalance the Immune System – an imbalance in the immune response in CFS patients appears to result in an underactive response to intracellular pathogens (viruses, some bacteria) and an overactive response to extracellular elements (some bacteria, increased allergies).  Dr. Cheney provides several affordable ways that may address the immune system imbalance seen in CFS.

Protect Your Brain! (00) – We all know what a hard time CFS has given our brains.  Dr. Cheney provides ways to protect and rebalance that mass of white matter you used to call your brain.

Don’t Fry Your Brain! (00) – Make sure you’re not frying your brain!  Some symptoms of CFS may lead to the ingestion of materials that could be harmful for CFS patients.  Some cautionary notes onsome prescription medications and some alternative treatments.

Enhance Glutathione Levels with Whey (00) – Dr. Cheney believes a deficiency of glutathione – the master antioxidant in the body – is a key feature in CFS pathology.  After many years of fruitless efforts Dr. Cheney feels he may have found a means of addressing this depletion in at least some patients.

Growth Hormone Treatments (00) Dr. Cheney believes that growth hormone treatments may constitute a very significant advance in our ability to treat CFS.  They are, however, a work in progress and should only be administered by an experienced physician.

Knock Out Those Bacteria, Fungi and (ugh) Parasites (02) – Studies have shown that people with CFS are much more prone to bacterial and other infections than healthy people.  This page provides a simple herbal formula that may help you knock down or out any of these infections.

Stop Fainting – Ways to Reduce Neurally Mediated Hypotension – Neurally mediated hypotension or reduced blood flow to the brain upon standing is common in CFS.  Several safe ways to treat this problem are explained.

Digest Your Food! (00) – Take supplements to assist you in digesting your food and receiving all its nutrients.

Knock Out Those Yeast, Detox Yourself and Relieve Your Pain All in One Shot (00)– This page gives you valuable information on how to and not to use MSM, a potent detoxifier.

Cheney’s Breathing Exercises (01)- CFS patients typically have trouble getting sufficient oxygen to their tissues.  These simple breathing exercises will  increase the flow of oxygen to your tissues.

1999 Transcription of a Cheney Lecture – lots of info, particularly on glutathione deficiency in CFS.

New Insights into the Pathophysiology of CFS – 2001 – Get a long, detailed and excellent summary of Cheney’s 2001 talk on the pathophysiology of CFS by Linda Sleffel.  Thanks Linda!

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