Australian ME/CFS Centers and Help Lines

Posted by Cort Johnson

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Check out the International Suicide Prevention Website for detailed information on Australian sites.

Australia Suicide Prevention

6168-australia-political-map.jpgME/CFS Groups – Please note that the ME/CFS groups are not ‘crisis centers’ and they probably do not have personnel trained in dealing with potential suicide problems. Their hours fluctuate and they do not have 24 hour help lines. They are, of course, on the other hand, intimately aware of the problems that people with ME/CFS deal with.

National Australian Association – The National Association will refer people to their local state association
(03) 9793 4500

Australian Capital Territory (ACT)
Support line (02) 6290 1984

The Telephone Information and Support Service (TISS) is for anyone who has questions about ME/CFS and FMS or who just needs to talk to an understanding person who is willing to listen. The Telephone Information and Support Service is not a counselling service but rather offers support to callers from a friendly volunteer who has personal experience of ME/CFS and /or FMS.

If you ever feel the need to have a real voice to talk to about your ME/CFS and FMS experience, phone 6290 1984 or email and ask to have a TISS volunteer contact you.

Northern Territory (NT)

Queensland (Qld)
(07) 4632 8173 or (07) 4659 5239

PHONE CONTACT is the most frequent form of initial contact with our Group. Many calls are taken; mainly from sufferers, but also from carers, or friends of either; all seeking the support and understanding of someone with a knowledge and experience of this very complex, difficult and often misunderstood illness … needing someone to listen and believe in them.

Phone: (07) 4632 8173 or (07) 4659 5239

South Australia (SA)
Support line Ph: (08) 8346 3237 (10-3 Mon – Thurs)
Country callers 1300 128 339 (local call cost)

Victoria (Vic)
Support line (03) 9791 2199, business hours, leave a message otherwise

Before calling the Support and Information Line, please note:

The Support and Information Line is not a crisis line. If you are in an immediate crisis situation and require urgent support, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.

Volunteers and staff at ME/CFS Australia (Victoria) are not medical practitioners and therefore are unable to provide medical advice.

Please tell us from which state you are calling so we can provide a locality-appropriate response.

Western Australia (WA)
(08) 9346 7477


If the nature of your call is urgent and the office is unattended you will find the contact details for our current DUTY VOLUNTEER on our answerphone. Please do not call the Duty Volunteer unless your enquiry is urgent and must be dealt with without delay. Calls will only be attended to Monday to Friday between 9:00am and 5:00pm.

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