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The Call for Opposition: Challenging the P2P and IOM Processes

In our second article on how to react to the publication of the draft P2P report, Gabby Klein provides her view of why she and a large group of advocates and patients are continuing their protest of the government’s ongoing control and manipulation of our disease via their processes of the P2P and IOM.  In yesterday’s piece, Clark Ellis critiqued and praised elements in

Beth Unger CDC Portrait

CDC Multi-site Study – An interview with Beth Unger

The CDC multi-site clinical assessment of CFS/ME is now underway, and Bob took the opportunity to interview Dr Beth Unger, the lead scientist in charge. The outcomes of this significant study are likely to be widely influential and the means by which the CDC employ objective measures has become something of a hot potato, especially in relation to exercise testing…

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Lipkin finds biomarkers not bugs

The CDC PCOCA telephone broadcast on 10 September 2013, featured a lengthy presentation from Dr Ian Lipkin who revealed some stunning initial results from the study that is primarily hunting for pathogens in ME/CFS. Simon McGrath and Russell Fleming (Firestormm) review this exciting and possibly game-changing news… Read the full Lipkin Transcript: Here. Dr Ian Lipkin has been a human


The Phoenix Rising Board Letter to CDC CFS Research Chief Dr. Unger

Posted by Cort Johnson As the Pandora/Dr. Unger meeting, which was prompted by a Pandora letter signed by several US organizations, is about to occur and as we move into our big advocacy month the Phoenix Rising Board is releasing its own letter to Dr. Unger (and is explaining why it did not participate in the first letter.) ——————————————————————- The Phoenix


IACFS/ME President Urges CDC Writing Campaign

Posted by Cort Johnson Dr. Fred Friedberg, President of the IACFS/ME, requests that CFS/ME professionals and patient-oriented activists write letters to the CDC to Dr. Stephan Monroe with copies to Dr. Thomas Frieden regarding the selection of a new Chief of the Chronic Viral Diseases Branch at the CDC.  See below for Dr. Friedberg’s request which is posted with his


Conspiracy or Confusion?

Posted by Cort Johnson Hillary Johnson has just posted a long blog that provides alot of backup information on the controversies over the last couple of weeks. According to one of her resources the directors of the NIAID and the NIH as well as administrators at the CDC, were all involved in the withdrawal of the Alter paper. She reports


A Look Back at Dr. Reeves CDC

Posted by Cort Johnson A look back at the Pro’s and Con’s of Dr. Reeves Tenure at the CDC THE PRO’s  – despite the antagonism towards Dr. Reeves there were some pro’s to his program A commitment to research – whatever you want to say about Dr. Reeves he  was a vigorous ME/CFS researcher.  We can’t know what the internal