CFSAC Nominations in Play

Posted by Cort Johnson

The CFSAC is the  federal advisory committee on chronic fatigue syndrome. It advises the Secretary of Health on the federal response to ME/CFS including research, treatment and disability. Among the agencies it interacts with are the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health and the Social Security Administration.

FIve slots are open, one of which is the patient representative . You can provide letters of support for people you’d like to see nominated.

My Picks – There are a lot of very worthy people with impeccable credentials on the list – virtually everyone, from what I can tell, would be a real asset. It’s impossible to know who would be most effective but there are some people in particular that I would love to see on the panel. They include Dr. Donnica Moore, Dr. Judy Mikovits, Dr. Dan Peterson (and, of course, myself.)

I think Dr. Moore brings a presence and visibility given her media activities, that would be very helpful. Dr. Mikovits brings years of experience in the federal research system. Dr. Peterson brings years of experience treating patients and a fierce commitment to them and he has been a strong critic of the slow as mud federal approach to this disorder. As a patient I bring a great deal of frustration at the slow pace of research plus an active interest – demonstrated in the many blogs and paper’s I’ve written – in why the federal approach to this disease has been so halfhearted and disappointing.

Letters Of Support – The letters of support can be sent to the office of Wanda Jones either by regular mail (see bottom) or email to .  If the letters of support are sent via email, put in the subject line “Letter of support  for CFSAC nominee  (eg. “Dr. Donnica Moore”) and at the bottom of the letter put in your name and address so they know it’s a real person and have something other than just an email address to refer to.

They should be sent in the  next two weeks.

CFIDS Association of America (information on their picks)

  • Bruce Allshouse
  • Christoph Bausch, PhD:
  • Dane Cook, PhD:
  • Michael Houghton, PhD:
  • Judy Mikovits, PhD:
  • Donnica Moore, MD:
  • Daniel L. Peterson, MD:


  • Dr. Peterson
  • Dr. Albert Robbins
  • Barbara Soliday
  • Dr. Martin Pall
  • Dr.Jacob Teitelbaum
  • Dr. Herbert Hyman
  • Steve Krafchik, Esquire
  • Caroline Fibrance, Esquire
  • Jill McLaughlin


  • Dr. Dan Peterson
  • Mary Ann Fletcher (Ph.D)

Miami CFIDS Support Group

  • Cort Johnson
  • Barbara Soliday

(If other nominations are out there please send them in and I’ll post them).

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