Good Morning America Gets It Right!

Posted by Cort Johnson

Its nice to see chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) well represented on the national stage. Dr. Donnica Moore was comfortable and poised on Good Morning America as she clearly enunciated many of the major aspects of ME/CFS.  Early on she focused on post-exertional malaise – something we really need to get across. The inevitable depression question didn’t come until the end and she handled it well.

She’s been on  the national stage before on CNN, Tyra Banks and others. The best thing, though, is that she’s  been nominated for the federal advisory panel on CFS (CFSAC) by the CFID’s Association of America. Having this sharp and articulate women on the panel could only help. Having “Dr. Dannica” on the panel  should boost the panel’s visibility  substantially. I sincerely hope she makes it.
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