Chase Community Giving Contest Is Back!

Posted by Cort Johnson

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5353-Go.jpgChase Community Giving is at it again. This time they have expanded their Facebook contest to include a round of larger non-profits with have annual operating expenses from 1-5 million dollars. That would includes two ME/CFS organizations in the US; the Whittemore Peterson Institute and the CFIDS Association of America.

The WPI, of course, uncovered XMRV, which has brought much needed exposures to ME/CFS and could be the breakthrough we’ve a;; be waiting for plus they have a dynamic clinic opening up shortly. The CAA demonstrated their effectiveness in supporting high quality research when many of the presenters at the State of the Knowledge conference thanked them for their support. At least four of their past grant rewardees currently have large NIH CFS grants – quite an achievement for a field with 8% gramt acceptance rates.

The prizes run from $25,000 all the way up to $500,000 – a nice chunk of cash for a perpetually cash-strapped field.

The contest starts April 21st.

All it takes is a Facebook page and votes. Here’s how it goes…

Everyone that Likes Chase Community Giving gets ten votes to use during Round 1 and five during Round 2. Although participants can only vote for each charity once, they have the ability to share their favorite charities with friends through Facebook and Twitter. To get them excited, take advantage of the many ways you can add information to your Charity Profile Page!

Anybody can vote whether you’re a citizen of the US or not. You have ten votes. You can vote for a charity just twice so you’ll to look for other charities to support. You might want to check out other illnesses similar to ME/CFS such as fibromaylgia, irritable bowel syndrome or interstitial cytisus as research done on those disorders may benefit CFS. Here are some Chase Communty Facebook sites for CFS organizations

Look for Charities here. (note that you will get charities with operating budgets under $1,000,000

This is an easy way to support research and treatment into ME/CFS. No donations are needed – just use your votes and support others in the doing the same.

We’ll keep you informed on who’s where on the leaderboard here.

Check out some FAQ’s

  • Can I participate if I am not a Chase customer?Yes, participation is not limited to Chase customers.
  • Do I have to make a donation of some sort to participate in this program? No, the donations to the winning organizations will come from Chase. However, you do have the opportunity to link to a charity designated to website to donate directly to a charity if you wish.
  • Why can’t I vote for some international charities? Chase is committed to the communities we serve throughout the country and abroad and supports many international nonprofits. However, the Chase Community Giving Spring 2011 Program is only open to nonprofits that have registered as a 501(c)(3) public charity with the United States’ Internal Revenue Service and listed in the Guidestar database as of December 31, 2010. There are many eligible 501(c)(3) charities that provide international services that are still eligible for the campaign.
  • Can I vote if I am not a U.S. Citizen? Yes, voting is open to all those who have Liked Chase Community Giving and who follow the Official Rules Spring 2011.
  • Why do I need to like Chase Community Giving? Users who have Liked Chase Community Giving are allowed to vote for their favorite charities participating in the Chase Community Giving program.
  • Will I receive email communications from Chase as a result of liking Chase Community Giving? You can search for charities and learn more about them at any time. However, if you wish to vote, you must first click the Like button found at the top of many Chase Community Giving pages. You will not receive any email communications from Chase simply for Liking Chase Community Giving.
  • If I liked last time, do I need to like Chase Community Giving again this time? No. If you previously Liked Chase Community Giving, you do not have to Like again.
  • What is “Request for Permission” and why should I allow “access?” The Request for Permission allows Chase to access and use your information to administer and communicate with you regarding the Chase Community Giving program.
  • How do I search the charities I want to vote for? Searching for great local charities is easy. We’ve placed search bars in many key locations: at the top right of the Home Page and near the center of the Home Page, as examples. You can also click “Find a Charity” in the navigation bar. This year, to make finding charities even easier, you can even narrow your search by categories. The icons under the search bar each represent a philanthropic category, and charities may select the two categories that they feel best align with their mission. Clicking a category icon will allow you to view only charities that have selected to be associated with that category.
  • What are the icons under the search bar? Charities can now select from nine categories that they feel best match their mission. The categories are: arts and culture; education and youth development; environment; animal welfare; health and social services; community development; medical research and awareness; recreation and sports; and international development. Clicking on category icons before you submit your search will display only the charities that have chosen to fall within in those search categories – making it easier than ever to find charities you want to support. To learn more about each category, roll your mouse over the charity icons.
  • Why can’t I find the charity I want to vote for? Charities that have previously received donations from Chase Community Giving are not eligible to participate in the Spring 2011 program. For more information about eligibility, please see the Official Rules Spring 2011.
  • How many votes do I get? Each person who Likes Chase Community Giving, receives 10 votes to cast as they see fit in Round 1. You can only use 1 vote per charity; but with hundreds of thousands of charities to choose from, finding 10 you like should be no sweat. In Round 2, each person receives 5 votes to cast on the charities competing in that Round. You can see how many votes you have remaining at the top of each page.
  • Do I need to notify a charity that I am voting for them? No, you do not need to notify a charity once you vote for it. However, we hope you will spread the word about this program to family, friends, and the local charities that matter to you.
  • Which web browsers does Chase Community Giving support? Safari 5 on OSX, Firefox 3.5+ on OSX and Windows XP/Vista/7, and Internet Explorer 7 and 8 on Windows XP/Vista/7 are supported. Internet Explorer 6 is not supported by Chase Community Giving.
  • Can I vote for a charity more than once? No, you may only vote once for each charity per round. There are two rounds. In Round 2, each person receives 5 votes to cast on the Top 100 winners from Round 1.
  • Can I use all my votes on the same charity? No, to help give all eligible organizations a fair opportunity, voters may cast only one vote per charity.
  • Can I switch my vote after submitting my vote for a charity? No, the program does not allow for votes to be reallocated, so it is important to use votes with careful consideration.
  • Why can’t I vote? did I do something wrong? Before you can vote, you must Like and allow access to Chase Community Giving. Just click the Like Button found several places throughout the program. If you are still unable to vote, either you have used all your votes or you have already voted for that particular charity. You can only vote once per charity.
  • What controls does Chase have in place to help ensure votes cast are valid? Chase takes voting very seriously and uses both internal and third party tools to analyze voter data and help detect voter fraud. Chase will deduct votes that are cast in violation of the Official Rules based on analysis of voter data and the controls we have in place, which have been reviewed by a competent third party.
  • Can I comment on a charity’s page even if I did not vote for them? The comments on pages of charities are meant to support the votes cast for that charity. If you would like to support a charity, you may vote for the organization and then add a comment in support of your vote.
  • What is sharing? is that something I have to do? Sharing is a great way to spread the word about Chase Community Giving or about your favorite charities. You may post to your Wall or Twitter feed by clicking the icons found across several Chase Community Giving pages. You can also invite your friends to visit a charity’s page directly. You don’t have to do it, but it’s a convenient and easy way to get your friends involved in Chase Community Giving.
  • Is there a way to disable sharing my vote history? No. All of your activity is shared with everyone who has allowed “Access” to the Chase Community Giving application.
  • How do I report content that may be inappropriate on a charity page? If you believe there may be a violation of the Official Rules Spring 2011, you may report it by visiting the Charity Profile Page and following the instructions on the bottom of the page. We take these matters very seriously and reserve the right to eliminate votes, participants, and charities from the program in the event there is a violation.
  • Can I donate to my favorite charity? On each charity’s Profile Page, you’ll find a blue box with a headline that reads “Donate to This Charity.” You can click the green “Lend a Hand” button and be directed to a third party’s page outside of the Chase Community Giving program where a charity is collecting donations. Chase does not control, endorse or guarantee any aspect of your use of the third party site including, but not limited to, any donations you choose to make there. Additionally, please note that the third party’s privacy policies and security practices may be different from Chase’s. Please be advised that everything you encounter from that point on is no longer affiliated with Chase or Chase Community Giving.
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