Chase III: Maximizing Your Chase Vote: the Bonus Vote Exchange

Posted by Cort Johnson

Bonus Vote Exchange Chase Giving
By pairing up we can maximize our Bonus Votes and give ME/CFS organizations a leg up in the Chase Contest

If you’re not sure how to vote on Chase or if you don’t want to use the exchange please check out the blog coming just after this one…(This blog is out  of order purposefully so we could link to it from the next one)..

This blog explains Bonus Voting and sets up a Exchange we can use to get ME/CFS organizations more votes.

First some basics about Bonus Votes…if you know these already skip down to the Exchange..

To Get a Bonus Vote 

The best strategy we can come up with to get ME/CFS orgs as many votes as possible is to never vote from the organizations profile page

Sharing Content – To get a bonus vote Chase wants you  to share information on an organization you like with a friend and then have them vote for that organization.

There are two catches…. the person voting for the organization must click on your link and then vote without going to any other pages….and you only get one Bonus Vote.

How to Share An Organization

a) go to an organization’s Chase Giving page by going to this page , clicking on ‘Vote Now’ and then using their search engine. Be sure to use the exact name of the organization (see below).  The ‘Phoenix Rising’ listed is not us; we are “Phoenix Rising An NEID Corporation.

and then use the Like/Send/Twitter buttons below the profile or the link in the box in an email to send the Chase Giving request.

a)  Like button –  clicking the ‘Like button – this will put the organization’s content on your newsfeed or timeline. Then one of your Facebook Friends (only your friends can see your timeline) can vote.

b) Clicking on the ‘Send’ button – will send the organization’s profile to a person’s Facebook or to their twitter account. If they click on the link they can vote. Here’s a sample….”One of my favorite ME/CFS organizations, Phoenix Rising, has the opportunity to win 10K in the Chase contest. Please click on this link and then vote! ”

c) Twitter – click on the twitter button to send a request on twitter.

c) Linking – taking the link provided below the Send and Like buttons and paste it into an email asking a friend to vote for it.

The Bonus Vote ‘Exchange’ 

You can do two things in this exchange

  • get yourself a Bonus Vote
  • help others to get Bonus Votes

We want to pair people up….The easiest way to do this is  to probably to interact using the private messages (conversations) on the Forum…..or provide your Facebook account/email address on this thread if you feel comfortable doing that.

Pairing up People Who Have Votes Left Eric just came up with this gem of an idea.  Two people who have votes left pair up; they use the SEND button on an organizations profile to send that link to each other’s Timeline and then vote using the link on the Timeline. Both then get bonus votes…..all they need is each others Facebook address to do this…

If you have votes left and want to do this please say so in the comments section. . If you would like to pair with that person either PM them or leave your name in the comments section…As soon as you pair up with that person delete your comment – keeping the thread from filling up.

You Have No Votes Left But Would Like to Get a Bonus Vote –  simply volunteer to send an organizations Chase Profile to someone else – thus securing you a bonus vote.  Request to be contacted on the thread itself, via PM or leave your Facebook account number or email address. Once you send that link off come back here and delete your request – thus keeping the thread from filling up…

Remember only one Bonus Vote per person; you can only do this once…:)

Any other ideas or comments? Please let us know.

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