Chase Contest For ME/CFS Non-profits Has Begun

Posted by Cort Johnson

Chase Community Giving5Opportunity Knocks! 

The Chase Giving Contest is back and with it the opportunity to get cash-starved ME/CFS non-profits some real cash. All it takes is your vote and spreading the word for the next two weeks (Sept 6-19th). This, in the world of non-profits is a remarkably easy (if nerve-wracking) way to make money…
Over the past two years Phoenix Rising has played a key role in getting Chase to pump over $170,000 into ME/CFS non-profits coffers and now we and eight other organizations are in the contest. The Top 200 vote getters this year will win from 10K to 250K.
Where We Are Now – Because you only have two votes we suggest that you focus them on organizations with a good chance of winning. In this blog we’re going to focus on the top two vote-getters; Phoenix Rising and the Neuro Immune Disease Alliance or NIDA, an ME/CFS research funder. On the fourth day of the two week contest here are the votes for the two orgs with a strong chance of winning money..
  • Neuro Immune Disease Alliance at 68th place – winning 20K
  • Phoenix Rising An NEID Corporation at 96th place – winning 20K
To Vote on Facebook
NOTE: The Chase FB site is overloaded at times, so if it behaves weirdly, please try again later!
If you do not have a Facebook Account – go to and quickly create a page. Since you must ‘like’ Community Chase Giving first in order to vote go to Community Chase’s Facebook page Each person has two votes (plus a possible bonus vote, see below).
If You Have a Facebook Account
1Go to Phoenix Rising’s page at
(Or type NEID in the box “Search Charities”.) “Phoenix Rising, an NEID corporation” will appear. Click “Vote”.If it asks you to “Allow” or “Allow App”, click Yes. Then click the Like and Send buttons to spread the word about Phoenix Rising and the contest.
(Or type NIDA in the box “”Search charities”.) “Neuro Immune Disease Alliance” will appear. Click “Vote”. At the question “Allow” or “Allow App”, click Yes. Then click the Like and Send buttons to spread the word about Phoenix Rising and the contest.
To Vote From Chase (all Chase customers)
Chase Bank and Facebook Users– can vote for the same organization twice…If you get a Bonus vote you can vote for an organization a third time.
The Bonus Vote
A Bonus Vote is an extra vote you can win and then use to vote for any organization you wish. In the grand tradition of Chase Giving the bonus vote is a complicated but getting Bonus votes could make a big difference…We’re going to explain as simply as possible how to get an extra vote. If it’s too much – forget about the Bonus vote strategy and just vote!
To Get a Bonus Vote
Sharing Content – To get a bonus vote Chase wants you to share an organization you like with a friend and then have them vote for that organization.
  • the person voting for the organization must click on your link and then vote without going to any other pages..
  • you only get one Bonus Vote..
How to Share An Organization
a) Go to Phoenix Rising’s page at and then click the like button to put the organization on your Timeline. Then ask one of your Facebook Friends to click on it and vote…You’ll then get a Bonus you can use to vote for Phoenix Rising or another organization, including ones you already voted for.
b) For Family and Friends – Clicking on the ‘Send’ button is a great way to get a string going with family and friends. Click the Send button will send the organization’s profile to a person’s Facebook page, their email address or to their twitter account.
For instance, I’m asking my brother, Cass, to vote for Phoenix Risng An NEID Organization and NIDA. I will get a bonus vote when my brother votes. He will ask his partner to vote for the two organizations; once his partner has done that Cass will get a vote. Then his partner will send a message to my sister, who will send the message to her husband to his son etc. As long as the string continues everyone gets 3 instead of 2 votes.
We’ve created a Bonus Vote Exchange on Phoenix Rising to try and facilitate this process. Check it out here… For more information on how to vote check out this Forum thread or contact me at
Phoenix Rising’s Winnings
Phoenix Rising has several projects it could spend the winnings on. Check some of them our here:
  • Rate a Practitioner program – to help ME/CFS patients save time, money and improve their health by finding good doctors and avoiding bad ones
  • Community Rising program – to break up the isolation and connect people in their local communities, provide avenues for assistance, reviews of local clinics and physicians, etc.
  • Making the Forums More Accessible to the Visually Impaired – upgrading the Forums so that as many as possible can participate.



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