Mom’s on a Mission….. To Support ME/CFS Research

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Only two days to go in the ‘Mom’s on a Mission’ Contest to win 5K for NIDA to provide research funds for ME/CFS. The newest ME/CFS Foundation in the block, NIDA, is raising funds for one of the newest (one of the busiest) CFS research efforts; Dr. Peterson’s Simmaron Foundation. The Simmaron Foundation is engaged in a number of research efforts to understand the neuro-immune dysfunctions driving ME/CFS.

Check out the NIDA Alliance here. Formed just this year by the Tannenbaum’s, a California couple whose 16 year old daughter fell ill in 2005, NIDA is focused entirely on raising money for Simmaron. Their website features an article called “The Mystery of CFS” which was co-written by Dr. Peterson and HIV researcher Dr. Jay Levy.

The current consensus is that chronic fatigue syndrome is probably caused by a disturbance to the immune system. In ways that are not entirely clear, this disturbance upsets the immune system for a prolonged period of time and leads the body to become hyper-responsive and produce a large outpouring of toxic substances, which then cause the fatigue, muscle aches, headaches and mental confusion associated with the disease.

The medical community, and the agencies and foundations that fund medical research, have never given this illness the attention it deserves. That needs to change.

Until we determine the causes and work out the best treatments for this debilitating condition, people with chronic fatigue syndrome will continue to suffer. In the meantime, we must increase support for basic research and for finding the best, evidence-based approaches for treating the disease.

Who better to lead the effort to understand the immune processes than Simmarron? Decades of experience and a reputation for integrity have left Dr. Peterson in demand. He’s working with Ian Lipkin in his big pathogen and is involved with PHANU at Bond University in at least 4 studies.

Let’s help get Simarron off on the right foot. Vote for them in this contest. I did – it took about 15 seconds – this contest is EASY.

Simply go to this link and vote and give Simarron money to continue their investigations into ME/CFS.

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