Opportunity Knocks: $250,000 for WPI in Vivint Contest

Posted by Cort Johnson

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5915-Dollar_symbol.jpgThe CFS State of the Knowledge Workshop has not yielded any new money for CFS….the NIH is cutting back…and bureaucrats are talking 2012 or 13 at the earliest for any more help.

CFS researchers are like parched travelers crawling across the desert…they just want a little water to drink…they have lots of ideas, scores of great projects…they just need a little money…And here is Vivint….giving away $250,000 on the basis of Facebook votes…

But don’t think $250,000…think millions because, in the right hands, $250,000 can go a long, long way. Gordon Broderick parlayed $100,000 from the CFIDS Association into a 4 1/2 million dollar grant. The Pacific Fatigue Lab turned a similar sized grant from the CAA into a repeat exercise study that is redefining how researchers do studies. Of course, the WPI shook the research world with the XMRV discovery while working out of rented labs.

The WPI has a real chance at the big money. They got into the Vivint contest late and still managed to win the top prize in their region. After a tough year with XMRV and with the Clinic due to open this summer they could really use the money. Let’s get it for them.

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