Phoenix Rising Board Statement Re: Cort Johnson’s Announcement

The Phoenix Rising board members are all extremely sad to learn of Cort Johnson’s decision to leave Phoenix Rising. Cort’s writing, and his vision of a rich and reliable website as a resource for ME/CFS patients, are what attracted all of us to volunteer for Phoenix Rising, and the board is determined to maintain the aims and principles of the organization which he established. The Phoenix Rising board wishes to thank Cort Johnson, as the founder of Phoenix Rising, for his hard work and tireless advocacy for ME/CFS patients, and we wish him all the best in his future projects.

Until Cort notified us on December 24th of his plans to launch a new website, we were under the impression that Cort would be continuing to post articles for Phoenix Rising according to the arrangements we had agreed with him in recent months. Unfortunately the board has not been able to meet during the holiday period due to family commitments and illness and as a result we are not able to respond at this time to all the questions that members are understandably asking. We deeply regret that this has meant that the manner of the announcement of Cort’s departure from Phoenix Rising may have caused confusion and concern within the Phoenix Rising community. The board will be meeting in early January to prepare a further statement, which will focus on the future priorities we envisage for Phoenix Rising as we all aim to move forward positively in the New Year.

A number of members have asked questions about various financial and organisational matters. The board would like to state clearly that our goal is for Phoenix Rising to have full financial and organizational transparency. As a part of this goal, we are currently searching for additional volunteers to help with Phoenix Rising’s operations, and in particular we are looking for an accountant with non-profit experience to prepare financial reports. We are also committed to increasing the participation of members in determining the priorities of the organisation, and we will be consulting with members about this early in the New Year.

Although Cort is moving to a new website, he remains welcome as a forum member and he is also still welcome to submit articles for publication on Phoenix Rising should he wish to do so. We would also like to take this opportunity to invite other community members, bloggers, physicians and researchers to submit articles for publication on Phoenix Rising. As a key part of our mission, we want to continue to enable, encourage and support ME/CFS patients in writing about their experience of ME/CFS and about ME/CFS issues. Some of these articles are donated, and others are commissioned and paid for by Phoenix Rising. Our standard rate for commissioned content is $50 per article, and higher rates can be negotiated for longer articles. Please email if you are interested in writing for Phoenix Rising.

We sincerely hope that everyone will bear in mind that all of the volunteers at Phoenix Rising, including the board, work as unpaid volunteers and have ME/CFS, and our energy reserves are running low right now. We have faith in the Phoenix Rising community to pull together during this difficult time and help each other as we all come to grips with this change.

We also hope that we can all put aside our differences during the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 and as the saying goes “Say goodbye to the old and welcome in the new”. The board would like to wish all of our members and readers a Happy New Year and we sincerely hope that 2013 will be a positive and healthful year for all of us.

Phoenix Rising Board of Directors
Adin Burroughs
Karen Luoto
Mark Berry


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