Put Some Gas in ME/CFS Patients Tanks: Help Two Non-Profits Bring Home 5K in Citgo Refueling Contest

by Cort Johnson

111512 0035 PutSomeGasi1

It’s no fun when your ‘gas tank’ is empty. In fact it’s crazy how many of us are running on fumes on so many levels…personally, medically, financially…How nice it would be, out of the blue, to have a little fill up once in a while.

With the winners of the contest riding away with a cool $5,000 in Citgo gas cards, the Citgo Refueling Contest provides a chance, literally, to fill chronic fatigue syndrome patients’ gas tanks. I was a lucky recipient of one of those cards from a past winner and I can tell you it made a big difference during a difficult month financially. We can help others get that relief by supporting them with a couple of minutes of your time over the next two weeks.

Two ME/CFS orgs are in the mix right now: the CFS Knowledge Center and the West Michigan Chronic Fatigue Support group (CFS Solutions of West Michigan).

This is easy stuff. No registration is required…simply go to their page, click on the Vote button, type in your email address and you’re good to go. You can vote once per email address; if you have two email addresses you can vote for each organization once a day…

111512 0035 PutSomeGasi2

  • The CFS Knowledge Center started off slow but has been charging ahead in the last couple of days. Give them some gas by voting here.
  • Give the West Michigan Chronic Fatigue Support Group some high octane as we round into the last two weeks by voting here.

The contest ends in ten days…Lets help these two orgs and the patients they support get the checkered flag on Nov 28th :)



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