The IGIVE Video Contest is OVER! Thanks Everyone – Now Vote for the Winning C00-Nonprofit

Posted by Cort Johnson

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Written by Cort

4451-dancing-veggies2__46.jpgThe IGIVE video contest is an easy way to get Phoenix Rising and another non-profit some much needed cash. (The other non-profit, which we will vote on, will get 25% of the winnings.)

Now that was exciting! It reminded me of the Chase Community Giving project when we pulled it out at the last minute for PANDORA last year.

We did indeed ‘rise from the ashes’ at the last minute. Two days before the contest ended IGIVE docked us about 40% of our votes – pushing us to 9th place and out of the $250 slot. We fought back and Phoenix Rising rose to 7th place (subject to audit) with about a hundred vote cushion. If we stay at 8 or above we win $300. (And we started halfway through it :))

Thank you all for the your great efforts! In particular thanks to our creative contest entrepeneur – looking all over the web for ways for ME/CFS non-profits to raise money – Frank – for conceiving of the contest and to Helen41 – our turnip video specialist – for creating the best and most unique IGIVE video.

Thanks in particular for helping out – Sasha, Merry, Dolphin, Tuha, MaryB, InTuneJune, ggingues, shannah, Tony, urbanTravels, nielk and those I missed. Your support on the Forums was critical…

A quarter of the winnings will go to another non-profit. Now is the time to vote to see who the lucky non-profit will be. Here’s the link for voting

You simply register with IGIVE (name, zip, email) – a group that helps Causes raise cash through shopping, searching on the internet (and video contests) – and then vote once a day for the Phoenix Rising Turnip Video produced by Helen Watkinson.

(You can guess who the turnip is – it’s the person with ME/CFS :Retro cool:). You can then opt in or out for IGIVE’s email updates)

From then on Phoenix Rising will pop up when you log in and voting is simple. One vote a day is allowed per adult person or email address, so more than one person can vote per household.

Only Dog Rescue causes have really jumped on this – so even though we’ve started late we have a good chance of getting a top prize. Thus far we have risen quickly with just a few people voting. If we really get after it we could easily win the top prize ($1,000).

If you have a Facebook page simply click the Share button on the top of the page to get more people engaged.

IGive is an organization that helps Causes raise money by using their search bar and by internet shopping. When you buy something at an internet site IGive gives a percentage to the Cause you’ve chosen – very much like the PR stores so feel free to assist PR, if you’re so inclined, while doing your holiday shopping :))

Thanks Helen for creating the video!:Retro smile:
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