VOTE NOW: Phoenix Rising asks Turnips to support the forums and other ME/CFS organisations

Posted by Cort Johnson

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Helen, a member of the PR Forums, made a contest entry for a Netipot. The prizes are big! ($5000, $4000, $3000, $2000 and $1000). Any winnings will be donated to the following 4 ME/CFS causes:
25% to Phoenix Rising
25% to the Whittemore Peterson Institute
25% to the ME/FM Action Network
25% to the What About ME? documentary
Please understand, this is not an official fundraiser, nor is it to be considered a treatment recommendation!.
Winners are decided based on viewings and Facebook votes:

2)Go to:
1)Click ‘VOTE NOW’ and lastly click ‘Allow’

We want to climb to position 5 or even higher, let’s do it!

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