Win ‘Better Sleep For People with ME’: The Pandora Pepsi Refresh Contest

Posted by Cort Johnson

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It’s rare that we actually get a chance to physically make a difference in someone’s life but with Pandora’s project we actually could. Poor sleep is endemic in the ME community and has been shown to cause increased pain, fatigue, poor concentration, etc; even in healthy people; in short – if you can improve your sleep you will certainly get better. Here’s a chance to give alot of people the opportunity to get better sleep. Check out Annie’s post below for this opportunity.

Taken From Annie’s Post

Each month Pepsi funds amazing ideas that refresh the world, one community at a time. If you can dream it, you submit it and if your amazing idea is approved and gains enough support from the community you could win one of four grant sizes; $5K, $10K, $25K or a whopping $50K.

Marly Silverman’s amazing idea to provide bed and care packages to the chronically ill with ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic Lyme disease, multiple chemical sensitivity/EI and Gulf War illnesses is almost there. It was randomly selected by Pepsi. Now we need to drum up enough support to make this happen.

Since the idea still needs to be reviewed by Pepsi Refresh, we are asking the community to help in bringing this idea to fruition.


Join our event page on Facebook

Through Twitter (!/pepsi) and Facebook (, tell Pepsi Refresh that you like Marly’s Idea of Mattress Care Packages for the Chronically Ill

You might mention:

  • People with NEIDs, including ME/CFS and fibromyalgia, have disturbed sleep patterns, so a good bed is important for getting a good night’s sleep.
  • This project will provide physical, emotional and mental comfort for chronically ill patients who are often unable to purchase suitable bedding due to limited income.
  • Many NEIDs patients are bed bound, meaning bedding is very important to their comfort.

You may also choose to share your thoughts with the Pepsi Refresh Team through the community threads (

Please continue telling Pepsi Refresh how great this idea is until September 1. We will let you know if the idea is chosen for the September voting contest.

PANDORA’s office often hears about the need for beds and the lack of money to buy one. Foam therapeutical beds are among the best beds on the market today and by teaming up with we can help to provide physical, emotional and mental comfort to many with our Bed & Care packages.

Do you know of anyone in the US who could use a twin bed from Tempur-pedic? If we are able to get these beds, there will be 120 twin beds and 16 full beds. We can also provide two (2) Twin beds to make a King bed.

On this grant request, we have budgeted 10 beds to be shipped within the U.S. up to $150 dollar cost. Anything above this price has to be paid by the recipient. But if the patient individual can find a sponsor to get him/her a bed, we can certainly do everything possible to accommodate the request for shipment out of the South Florida area. A disclaimer/release of liability will have to be signed by the recipients.



Although we are not quite there yet, if we gain enough support the next step will be the public vote.

Please sign up on the Pepsi Refresh site now and learn how to vote, share or trade your votes within the community and create collaborative ties that will help us in the future.

Pepsi Refresh Project FAQs

Can anyone vote? Only legal residents of the United States are permitted to vote.

How can I vote? You can vote any of the following ways:

– Visit the following site:
– By text, using your mobile phone (standard text messaging rates apply)
– The mobile site,

How many votes do I get? You can vote for up to 5 different ideas each day, for a total of 5 votes per day.

Is there any way to get more votes? Yes, look out for special ten-character alphanumeric code on specially-marked Pepsi, Diet Pepsi and Pepsi Max products in participating locations. The codes will be found underneath specially-marked 2-liter and 20 oz. bottle caps and printed on the reverse side of specially-marked 12-pack and 24-pack carton wraps. Once you have the code you enter it on the Power Vote page of the Pepsi site: You can even use up to 10 codes in a single 24-hour period.

For the full FAQs please visit

Please note that, unfortunately, Pepsi is not giving away money for research this year. While we agree that research is crucial for our cause, the lack of quality of life sufferers of NEIDs experience makes it difficult for individuals to lead successful lives and in order to create awareness and to satisfy grant requirements it is important to take advantage of these potential community grants by generous corporations such as Pepsi.

We thank you in advance for your community help.

The PANDORA Facebook Team supporting Marly’s Pepsi Refresh Idea

For more details please visit our website[/QUOTE]

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