HealKick! Forum for Young Adults with ME/CFS Begins

Posted by Cort Johnson

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PR member mojoey has created Healkick, a group that aims to provide a medical, social, and professional network for 40-and-under young adult patients with neuro immune disease (ME/CFS, fibromyalgia, chronic lyme, atypical MS, MCS, and mold illness.)

In order to join, please go to groups.google.com/group/healkick (you’ll need to sign up for a google account if you don’t already have one)

I asked Joey why he started this group:

During the 5 years I’ve been sick, I’ve always wanted to meet other patients around my age (Joey is a 27-year old male ME/CFS patient). Despite living in large metro areas such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Columbus, and Las Vegas, I never succeeded in finding one in any forum, whether online or local support groups, but instead always stumbled upon one by chance. Young adult patients already deal with an inhuman amount of suffering and isolation due to neuro immune diseases such as ME/CFS, so it really is hard to fathom that no one has created a dedicated destination for us to find other patients in our age group that can relate to the consequences of this illness that are unique to our generation.

This lack of support for young adults, often fresh out of the most socially-embedded times of their lives, is what I’m trying to change with Healkick, and from the early discussions going on in our forum, it seems this type of interaction between younger patients has been a long time coming.

You can also support Healkick by “liking” our promotional facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Young-Adult-Patients-with-ME-CFS-Chronic-Lyme-Fibromyalgia-etc/183809648306533

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