ME/CFS Recovery/Recovering Stories Requested

Posted by Cort Johnson

CFS recovery stories requestedAs part of a treatment overview Phoenix Rising is documenting what has worked for individuals who have gotten well or nearly well. While recovery is not common it does happen and we want to find out how.

If you’ve recovered or have mostly  recovered please give us your stories. If you know someone who’s recovered please let them know about this project (or give us their contact info and we will contact them.)

Neither your story or your contact information will be made public without your permission.  Basic information (see below) about your recovery will be entered into a spreadsheet which will be made public. You can remain anonymous or use a pseudonym.

Some of the things we’re looking for include

  • Type of onset
  • Age at onset
  • Degree of debility at its worst (how sick were you?)
  • Length of illness
  • Effective treatments
  • Degree of Recovery
  • Comments/Advice for others
  • Recommended Resources

Please send your stories and/or answers to the following questions to Thanks :)



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