Phoenix Rising close to winning $10,000 – Last few days. Vote now!

Chase is giving lots of money away in their Facebook vote off extravaganza

Phoenix Rising is currently 155 on the Leaderboard with 913 votes, and any organisation in the top 196 wins $10,000. Yes, that’s a lot of money for relatively few votes.

Voting ends in a few days – this Weds 19th at Midnight (EST)

PR is hovering just 107 votes above the cut-off point for zero money. Voting speeds up as the deadline approaches and we will need a lot more votes to secure the $10,000. Every extra vote is crucial to securing that money.

To vote, go to Phoenix Rising’s page at Chase Giving and Vote

Note: Before you can vote, you will be asked to accept the Chase Giving app on your facebook page: it’s harmless enough and you can always delete it when the voting is over (facebook instructions on deleting apps).

ps if you want to have twice the impact, read how to get a bonus vote

Countdown to $10,000, maybe more!

Here’s a graph showing where we stand at the moment, just inside the safety zone for $10,000. We’d be on track for $20,000 if we had another 474 votes today.




PR1 3

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