You and M.E. Together – a Carer’s Story

by Charlotte Dyer In May 2005 I met my future husband. Living 200 miles apart we led a hectic life rushing between work and family and meeting each other at the weekends for 48 hours before starting all over again. Joel’s job was particularly demanding, meaning he often had to work until the early hours of the morning, snatching a

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The UK Rituximab Trial: A Study in a Hurry

by Sasha On June 6, the Norwegian Medical Research Council agreed to give a large enough grant to the Haukeland Rituximab trial for the study to begin. Later that day, the charity Invest in ME announced that they were initiating a UK Rituximab trial. It seemed to come out of nowhere. There were no details – cost, size, location, research

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UK Research Collaborative means business

by Simon McGrath The new UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative has had its first meeting and it very much looks like it means business. They have plans to rev up the research agenda and raise funds – and they have key players on board too. The Players The CMRC is chaired by Stephen Holgate, MRC professor of Immunopharmacology at Southampton, with


Phoenix Rising: Worth as much as Vogue?

by Sasha The internet! Full of lovely free stuff. Until recently, we expected to get our news, expert advice, gossip – pretty much everything on the web – without paying. Some content providers write for fun and don’t seek payment, but others need an income from their work. They get that via click-through advertising or because their content is advertising

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CAA Studies Target New Areas In ME/CFS

Posted by Cort Johnson The CFIDS Association of America (CAA) released a list $2 million dollars worth of new CAA funded studies  last week. There’s something of a ‘gestalt’ to a CAA study; the CAA likes to fund studies that gather enormous amounts of information and then use data mining techniques to ferret out new patterns, they like to ‘smush’ researchers