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Adaptogens for Adrenal Fatigue

by Jody Smith Adrenal fatigue may respond favorably to the use of adaptogenic herbs. An adaptogenic herb helps the body to normalize after times of stress. It decreases hormone secretions when levels are too high, and increases hormones when levels are too low. Many athletes like adaptogens because the herbs enable their bodies to recover faster from an intense workout

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Fibromyalgia Trial Shows Promise…For Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Mast Cells and Ketiotifen in …

Posted by Cort Johnson An intriguing Fibromyalgia treatment appears, in its preliminary stages, to be working. A powdered form of Ketiotifen (which is not available yet in the US) may be turning down the activity of important immune cells called mast cells that recent research suggests could be contributing to the pain and fatigue in fibromyalgia (FM) and perhaps even

The FDA will announce its final decision on Ampligen some time around 2 February but could make the decision much earlier.

Ampligen On the Clock: Hemispherx’s ‘Complete Response’ Means Ball is Now in FDA’s Court Now

Posted by Cort Johnson Moving quickly, Ampligen’s producer, Hemispherx Biopharma,  filed its ‘complete response’ to the FDA’s request for data just 53 days after the agency agreed to relax its requirements for review of the drug.  Hemispherx’s ‘complete response’ means we will know by the end of January and perhaps sooner whether Ampligen becomes the first FDA approved drug for

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The Treatment Showdown : CDC Toolkit vs IACFS/ME Primer

Posted by Cort Johnson The publication of the IACFS/ME Treatment Primer “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: A Primer for Clinical Practitioners” is a landmark event. In this article we’re going to compare, section by section, the two documents. The CFIDS Association  has created some good doctor education courses in the past  but only the IACFS/ME – the organization of ME/CFS professionals


Major Move From FDA Puts Ampligen Back on Track

Posted by Cort Johnson Reversing a 2009 decision some commentators felt was  potentially crippling to Hemispherx BioPharma, Ampligen’s producer, the FDA today stated they would not, after all, require a expensive  300 person study to assess Ampligen’s effectiveness in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). (Safety concerns appear to have been taken care of.)  Instead they would allow Hemispherx to use new


The Best Drug for ME/CFS? The Other Side of Klonopin: A Patient’s Story and A Survey

Posted by Cort Johnson Klonopin  (Clonazepam) may be the most commonly used drug in chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS). Dr. Cheney hailed its use, putting the drug in the ‘neuroprotector’ column because  its ability to reduce  sensory nervous overload gave the brain, he thought, a chance to rest and rejuvenate itself.  Dr. Bell agreed about its value, stating “For years I have


“The Drug” – The Rituximab Story…From the Beginning to the Present….

Posted by Cort Johnson Norwegian journalist Jorgen Jelstad has been all over the Rituximab story. His Invest in ME Conference tweets updated us on recent events, in his “How Important is Rituximab?” blog he talked with researchers about Rituximab’s potential and in his  recently blog, “The Drug”, he published a blow-by-blow account of how Rituximab grew to such prominence in the