Ampligen Study Take II: A Correction

Posted by Cort Johnson The recent blog on Hemispherx’s Ampligen study has been amended to take account of the fact that the study involved an analysis of data from a 1998-2004 study. The blog in its original state suggested that this was a new study done in response to the FDA’s 2009 concerns. That was not true. Hemispherx may have


ME/CFS Recovery/Recovering Stories Requested

Posted by Cort Johnson As part of a treatment overview Phoenix Rising is documenting what has worked for individuals who have gotten well or nearly well. While recovery is not common it does happen and we want to find out how. If you’ve recovered or have mostly  recovered please give us your stories. If you know someone who’s recovered please


Looking Forward: Dr. Peterson on ME/CFS Research, Treatment Options and Hope for the Future

Posted by Cort Johnson (Looking Forward: Dr. Peterson on ME/CFS was derived from notes I took after a talk with Dr. Peterson; the views enclosed hopefully reflect the essence of the talk but any mistakes, of course, are mine. Materials were added from the IACFS/ME Ottawa conference to supplement the article). Thanks to Corinne for arranging a meeting with Dr. Peterson.  Dr.


Pt. III: The Success Stories: Dr. Klimas’s Heart Rate Based Exercise/Activity Management Program …

Posted by Cort Johnson “The Month Of ME’ – in response to a challenge and in recognition of the important role the term myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has played and continues to play in this disorder, August, 2011 will be the‘Month of ME’ on Phoenix Rising. We will examine ME’s role in this disorder throughout the month. All articles, blogs and posts produced