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Board of Directors



Dr Gary Solomon

Gary Solomon MD, FACS

62 year old clinical surgeon. Graduate in Biochemistry UCLA, medical school Tulane, board certified general surgery University of Colorado, and board certified in plastic surgery Johns Hopkins. Founder and director of Long Beach Memorial wound healing center and chief of surgery at same hospital. Retired from practice 2012 secondary to CFS/ME.Developed CFS/ME 2003 after a prolonged upper respiratory illness. Treated by Dr Jose Montoya since 2007. I have two brothers, one recently had died from complication of MS and the other has CFS/ME. My mother recently died from complications from Takayasu Arteritis and carried a diagnosis of fibromyalgia.I’m married for the past 33 years and have 3 children and one grandchild, soon to become two. My interest with Phoenix Rising is strictly trying to give something back for the great work this site has provided over the years.


Secretary, Treasurer and Acting CEO


Mark Berry

Mark Berry

BSc Mathematics (University of Manchester), MSc Computer Science (University of Birmingham). Mark has had ME/CFS – diagnosed as “Multiple Chemical Sensitivity” and an “Idiopathic Immune Disorder” – for over 15 years. He has managed to work part-time from home as a software engineer for most of that time, and now works part-time as a Developer at the University of Nottingham. Mark is a moderator on the Phoenix Rising forums, and is excited about the potential for the software projects that Phoenix Rising plans to develop to enable ME/CFS patients – as well as their organisations, charities, advocates, supporters, physicians and researchers – to meet, share, collaborate, communicate, document their illness and experience, and to campaign and work together for a better understanding of ME/CFS, fair treatment by medical and statutory authorities, and a huge increase in biomedical research funding for ME/CFS and other severe and idiopathic neuroimmune diseases.

Board Members


Professor Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards MD FRCP, Professor Emeritus in Connective Tissue Medicine, University College London

Jonathan became interested in ME after being asked to advise on research strategy in ME by Invest in M.E. in 2013 following a suggestion by Dr Oystein Fluge. As a rheumatologist/immunologist he was responsible for introducing rituximab as a therapy for rheumatoid arthritis in 1998 and subsequently in other autoimmune rheumatic disorders. He has also worked on general mechanisms of autoimmunity. Although now in retirement and not personally involved in research he has become interested in the challenge of finding the biological mechanisms that underlie the CFS syndrome – in other words ‘ME’ or perhaps more likely several different MEs, maybe some immunological and some not. He hopes to be actively involved in promoting collaboration between scientists of different disciplines. He is also interested in interacting with PWME directly through PR to make full use of the rich resource of personal experience, scientific knowledge and original ideas the ME community has to offer.


 Adin BurroughsAdin Burroughs

Adin came down with ME/CFS (PostViral Encephalitis with autonomic neuropathies) and Fibromyalgia in 2003 while on active duty with the USAF as a reservist (individual mobilization augmentee/IMA). Adin began volunteering with Phoenix Rising in 2009 in a technical role and has helped Phoenix Rising through multiple hardware and software platform changes through the ensuing years. Adin has a BSc in Computer Science (University of Central Florida) with professional experience in systems engineering, software and hardware development, and distributed realtime simulations.




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