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August 2009

Posted by Cort Johnson


Dr. Ken Friedman, board member of the IACFS/ME,  just reported the first documented case of a person coming down with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) as a result of getting the swine flu virus. This is what he said:

Regrettably I must inform you that the first case of post-swine flu CFS has been reported to the IACFS/ME (the International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME).

The patient is a 15-year old male New Zealander who contracted H1N1 on a trip to Mexico and never recovered.

A Hard Hit Group Swine flu is often innocuous but when it does cause trouble appears to hit young people harder than older people – presumably because young people haven’t been exposed to anything like it in their lifetimes.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

Dr. Chia, an infectious disease specialist focusing on chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), has finished the production of a pure form of Oxymatrine, an alkaloid derived from the Sophora plant in China. Oxymatrine is used to treat many diseases including hepatitis and cancer there. Oxymatrine has been an important part of Dr. Chia’s protocol for several years and it played an integral role in returning his son, Andrew Chia, to health.

The concern over the purity of products coming from China prompted Dr. Chia to produce a more stable and effective preparation of Oxymatrine called Equilibrant. He took the opportunity to add other immune factors to the mix.… Read More

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Posted by Cort Johnson

John Herd’s recent post on the past and future of ME/CFS advocacy provided a welcome change in tone from many of the strident posts we’ve seen lately and provided much room for thought.  An important part of the post, however, was more of the same; while the post’s tone was mild the post itself too often lapsed into a kind of seamy and mostly baseless conjecture we see too often.

Essentially the post asserted many of the CFID’s Association’s activities over the past few years derived not from an intention to benefit the patient community but were simply callow money grabs.   … Read More


Headhunter On the Prowl

Posted by Cort Johnson

Hachet Woman – Hilary Johnson is doing what she does so well-she’s taking heads. She’s never been about ‘support’, she was an investigative journalist after all. Her metier has always been holding up a bogeyman and then cutting it’s head off.  

Born with a golden pen her darting, evocative and often voluptuous prose engulfed a community that raged at the pitiful federal response. Osler’s Web was a tour de force of investigative reporting, a remarkable achievement for anyone, let alone someone with a severe case of ME/CFS. Yes, she had her white hats and her black hats, the good guys and the bad guys even back then; there was never anything subtle about her world view but she told a great story and it fit with many peoples experiences.… Read More


A Guest Blog From Lisa Johnson

(Lisa Johnson, a former marathon runner, first came down with chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS) in 2003. She temporaily recovered and returned to her ‘hare-like’ existence only  to suffer a severe relapse in 2004. She has been unable to work since then).

Aesop’s fables date from the 6th century BC. He published in excess of 300 fables, ancient pearls of wisdom. (Aesop collected the fables, he didn’t write them). Who doesn’t remember the famed fable, “The Tortoise and the Hare”? Until I became an ME/CFS statistic, I dismissed it as a silly child’s tale. Face it, in our culture we are groomed to become high achieving hares.Read More