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December 2009

A Dark Vision

Posted by Cort Johnson

Hilary Johnson, beloved CDC headhunter is raking  the CFIDS Association over the coals again.  Once again she’s taking no prisoners. In her last blog on the CAA she called the organization the Bechtel of the CFS community and accused them of inciting a ‘pogrom’. In this blog she proclaims CAA is the CDC and vice versa .

Osler’s Web was a tour de force of journalistic acumen – a remarkable achievement for anyone let alone someone with this disease. Yes, it left no room for honest but wrong researchers coming to grips (badly) with a mysterious problem; but even if Hilary put her own spin on them the facts were there.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

The Researcher of the Year analysis doesn’t just take research into Dr. Vernon at the IACFS/ME Conferenceaccount; it also includes their outreach into the patient community and their impact on how the research field is functioning. This year the Researcher of the Year was an easy choice. Dr. Vernon excelled in all three categories in 2008.

(As she did in 2009. I only got to the 2008 Researcher of the Year award late in 2009 but my tardiness only worked out to Dr. Vernon’s advantage. In 2009 she picked up on and expanded her work with the exciting new International Research Network – this award includes work done in both years)

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Posted by Cort Johnson

A Bold Effort

Collaboration – Dr. Vernon believes increased collaboration will be essential for our research community’s success. She knows the power collaboration can unleash. The Pharmacogenomics projects she lead at the CDC – which ended up thrusting ME/CFS into the research spotlight and helped triggered the National Press Conference – was the result of a single discussion at a conference.

The need to foster collaboration, maximize resources and speed up the pace of research lead Dr. Vernon to produce her boldest project yet; the creation of an International CFS Research Network. I asked her to explain more why a Research Network was needed.… Read More