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Posted by Cort Johnson

March 6th

  • The
    WPI’s response to CROI

    “It is interesting that infectious XMRV is
    still found only in human cells and not in mouse cells or mice. In addition,
    these data have little to say about XMRV infection in humans.” In an email Dr.
    Mikovits stated “There is still not one piece of evidence of contamination in
    the Science paper. All of the authors stand by the conclusions and data in
    Lombardi et al”.

    Deckoff-Jones Talks
    – Dr. Mikovits was too busy to do an interview
    but Dr. Deckoff-Jones got her two cents in her personal blog.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

Dan Moricoli, the creator of the CFSKnowledge and the me-cfsCommunityCenter has just posted a fascinating account of his recent discussion with Dr. Nancy Klimas, a prominent ME/CFS researcher and physician. It seems that researchers are much closer to cracking some significant problems than we know.… Read More