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Posted by Cort Johnson

Marly Silverman is a worker! How many people have played a major role in creating not one or two but three organizations? Marly first created PANDORA, then in response to the CDC’s new website, dreamed up the MWCPA and then was a key figure in getting the Coalition4MECFS off the ground.

Plainly put Marly makes things happen. My first hankering of that occurred in 2007 while I was stewing in Southern California bemoaning my inability to get to the Florida Conference. It was Marly who not only told me to get off my butt and make it happen and provided some funds to do that.

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Posted by Cort Johnson

XMRV – The XMRV virus theory took its worst shots yet as two more negative studies appeared in the influential Science Journal. Science then requested that the authors of the original paper retract the original paper, which they refused to. In response, Science slapped an “Expression of Concern” attachment on the paper citing serious questions about it’s validity, putting a chilling effect on the field. It stated it would wait for the two big NIH studies to complete before it made any more moves.

Then the National Cancer Institute, with a new study of its own out, simply publicly stated that XMRV both in prostate cancer and CFS was the result of sample contamination.… Read More