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March 6th

  • The
    WPI’s response to CROI

    “It is interesting that infectious XMRV is
    still found only in human cells and not in mouse cells or mice. In addition,
    these data have little to say about XMRV infection in humans.” In an email Dr.
    Mikovits stated “There is still not one piece of evidence of contamination in
    the Science paper. All of the authors stand by the conclusions and data in
    Lombardi et al”.

    Deckoff-Jones Talks
    – Dr. Mikovits was too busy to do an interview
    but Dr. Deckoff-Jones got her two cents in her personal blog.

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The 2007 PANDORA Patient’s Conference by Cort Johnson: PART II: Dr Bell and Sleep, Dr. De Meirleir, and the Gut / A Talk With the Experts / The Sand Castle Awards / Dr. Cheney’s Keynote Address

David Bell, MD – Sleep Disorders are they the Cause or the side effect of CFS?

An engaging talker with a sly sense of humor Dr. Bell showed an impressive grasp of the sleep issues in CFS. He listed nine clinical sleep abnormalities that can be found in CFS and FM. Importantly Dr. Bell noted that studies have shown that 18% of ‘CFS patients’ don’t have CFS: they have a sleep disorder that can, if identified, be treated successfully.

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The 2007 PANDORA Patient’s Conference: PART I: Politics, Advocacy and the Media, Dr. Teitlebaum and D-ribose, Ask the Experts by Cort Johnson

The patient conference was an overwhelming success. It has always been a kind of poor sister to the professional conference but this time with its strong program and top-notch speakers the patient conference was a success in and of itself. According to people who’d been to the patient conferences in the past the attendance for this one was double or triple that of the preceding conference. The credit for this success must go to Marly Silverman, Rebecca Artmann and the rest of the P.A.N.D.O.R.A.

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