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Posted by Cort Johnson

PHANU, located in the Gold Coast region of Australia, has made major strides in 3 years

Looking Up Down Under – the PHANU Story

ME/CFS research around the world is pretty spotty. The US and the UK are long-time hubs, with Canada coming on in the last few years.  Outside of the Nijs/DeMeirleir work in the Netherlands/Belgium, you can scratch out most of Europe.  South of the equator, the picture is bleak until you get to Australia: things are definitely happening “Down Under”.

The Lloyd team pulled off the Dubbo studies, which are cited again and again in the literature.… Read More


Posted by Cort Johnson

The Best of Times/The Worst of Times – 2011 will no doubt go down as the craziest year in ME/ CFS history.  Nothing could replace the excitement of the XMRV discovery or erase the letdown at its downfall but as the new initiatives popped up it was as if the medical gods sought some balance for a disheartened community.  The XMRV problems overshadowed much but if we can put that aside and take a step back this has truly been a year to remember and even, if you can, to celebrate.

Private Efforts Step to the Fore– Although the federal government remained largely moored in its bury its head in the sand stance towards CFS private/academic sector initiatives focused on ME/CFS blossomed.… Read More

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Posted by Cort Johnson

(Looking Forward: Dr. Peterson on ME/CFS was derived from notes I took after a talk with Dr. Peterson; the views enclosed hopefully reflect the essence of the talk but any mistakes, of course, are mine. Materials were added from the IACFS/ME Ottawa conference to supplement the article). Thanks to Corinne for arranging a meeting with Dr. Peterson. 

Dr. Dan Peterson and Dr. Cheney were the doctors on the scene as the most famous outbreak in chronic fatigue syndrome history took place in little Incline Village on the shores of Lake Tahoe high in the Sierra Nevada mountains in the early 1980’s.… Read More