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Posted by Cort Johnson

There’s nothing like a video to arouse passion. ME/CFS videos really came of age  five years ago with the publication of Sleepydust’s ME/Chronic Fatigue video. That video, still her only one, has garnered over 130,000 views – far outpacing any others.

To celebrate 20 years since CFS International Awareness Day was created, here are the top 15 or so most watched CFS English speaking  video’. Some of the best are the latest, check out, for instance, GettingWellFromME’s recent series, with its fine production values.  At the end we have a video made for the anniversary today.

SleepyDust’s ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Video

5 years130,000 views – Sleepydust’s only video captures ME/CFS like none other.… Read More

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