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I’m fatigued – is it ME/CFS?

The short answer to that question is probably not. The name ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ is deeply misleading. ME/CFS is a serious disease that affects multiple systems in the body and is far more than simple fatigue. More detail can be found on our symptoms and diagnosis pages.

Everyday fatigue can be caused by many factors including poor sleep, stress, inactivity, poor diet and certain medications. If none of those factors apply to you, it would be wise to see a doctor. Many diseases can cause fatigue, many are easily detectable by simple tests and many can be treated successfully.

Sign the petition to get ME/CFS a research budget of $250 million a year!
There's a US petition and a global solidarity petition here with a long-term target of 50,000 signatures. Time we were on an equal per-patient funding basis with similar diseases!