Dr. Cheney’s Anesthesia Recommendations

Dr. Cheney's Anesthesia Recommendations

Dr Cheney’s anesthesia’s recommendations for chronic fatigue syndrome

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CAWS December 27, 2012 at 5:12 pm

I have had CFS/FM for 22 years . I would also caution against all fluorinated drugs especially in anesthesia. This includes the Versed [Midazolam], Isoflurane and others. See http://www.slweb.org and click on the FTRC link for a list of others. I was promised no F drugs for my sinus surgery & came out with Diabetes insipidus when the doctor ignored my warnings.
As for Nitrous Oxide , this is well known to flush B12 from the system and possibly damage intrinsic factor permanently making you deficient. Many of us on this forum have genetic B12 & folate problems to begin with.


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