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Posted by Cort Johnson

Pt. IA: XMRV: the Big Test – the Blood Working Study  (Taken From the Ottawa Conference/CFIDS Association Webinar)

The Blood Working Group  was  a large group (25) made of federal officials from various agencies (CDC, NIH, FDA), the Red Cross, several laboratories including the WP, several Universities and  put together just a month after the XMRV Science paper published in Oct 2009.

The CAA brought together three members of the BWG – none of whom were employed by the federal government to explain the results in their latest webinar. They  were Graham Simmons, PhD of Blood Systems Research Institute, Michael Busch, MD, PhD of Blood Systems Research Institute, Steven Kleinman, BSc, MD of University of British Columbia

The culmination of the BWG’s efforts was a blinded test involving 9 well known labs including the WPI, Abbot, two FDA labs (including Lo/Alter), the NCI Ruscetti lab and Gen-Probe that examined 15 CFS patients from the WPI and Lo/Alter and X controls.… Read More