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Posted by Cort Johnson

‘The Month Of ME’ – in response to a challenge and in recognition of the important role the term myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) has played and continues to play in this disorder, August, 2011 will be the ‘Month of ME’ on Phoenix Rising. We will examine ME’s role in this disorder throughout the month. All articles, blogs and posts produced by Phoenix Rising will only use the term myalgic encephalomyelitis or ‘ME’ unless ME/CFS or CFS is absolutely required. We encourage others to make this a “Month of ME” as well.

The cover of ‘When Something’s Wrong – How to Navigate the World of Health Care’ by ME patient Christina Caskey features a shot of a lonely gravel mountain road veering around a distant corner with only few rocks on the side to deter the unwary or unfocused traveler from plunging off the hillside….one false step and you’re in the drink.… Read More