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Chase Community Giving

Posted by Cort Johnson

The Chase Community Giving Contest for CFS: WPI and CAA researchThe regular season is over – it’s playoff time for the Chase Community Giving Contest for large non-profits…..time to win some BIG MONEY for CFS research.This is a unique opportunity. Increasing govt funding for ME/CFS has been agonizingly difficult given the negative attitudes towards ME/CFS and it’s pretty darn clear, with the NIH suffering significant cuts this year, that funding is not going to increase significantly this year or the next. Given the smaller pot of funds available now, winning grants -always a difficult task for any CFS researcher – is going to be more difficult than ever.But Chase Community Giving (funded by JP Morgan Chase) has given CFS research a kind of life line; a chance to win some big money in a time of dearth and to put that money directly into the hands of excellent researchers.… Read More