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Posted by Cort Johnson

Dr. Montoya at Stanford Hospital on CFS March, 2011This definitely wasn’t an ‘get acquainted with CFS’ talk. There was no boring scholarly introduction to CFS (“Chronic fatigue syndrome effects blah, blah, blah….has x number of symptoms….blah, blah…..)…Dr. Montoya was clearly trying to wake people up.

Calling ME/CFS one of the most ‘mis-perceived’ illnesses in medicine, Montoya quickly got to the heart of the matter calling chronic fatigue syndrome ‘an extreme event’ in the medical community and castigated them (gently) a bit for mostly ignoring a disease which ‘significantly compromised the health’ of millions of people.

He had hardly started his talk when he said “If there’s one thing I would like this audience to take home … do not kid yourself – this is a real disease”.… Read More