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Support & info groups

There are a number of excellent support groups for ME/CFS patients, and many also have good information resources about the disease.

One of the very best is, of course, us! Phoenix Rising is run by and for patients, and as well as our information pages (accessed via our home page menu), you can find information and support on our very active and friendly forum, which is the largest ME/CFS forum in the world.

Below are listed the main international ME/CFS forums (and, like ours, some have information pages), and the charities and groups who offer information and support.

Research charities are listed on a separate page.


Phoenix Rising
Health Rising
ME/CFS Forums

Support & information charities

Only international, national and state-level groups are listed below. For groups at a more local level, either search the web or ask on our forums.

International Association for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (IACFS/ME)

Solve ME/CFS Initiative

US states
New Jersey CFIDS Association
Rocky Mountain CFIDS/FMS Association
Wisconsin Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Association 

ME Association
Invest in ME
ME Research UK (MERUK)
Action for ME
Tymes Trust (for children and young people with ME and their families)
Association for Young People with ME (AYME)
25% ME Group (for severe sufferers)

ME/CFS Australia (SA) Inc

FM-CFS Canada
National ME/FM Action Network
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis Association of Ontario (MEAO)

Irish ME Trust 
Irish ME/CFS Association

New Zealand
Associated New Zealand ME Society (ANZMES)

Asociación Sanitarios al Servicio de la Encefalomielitis Miálgica (ASSSEM)

Riksföreningen för ME-patienter

Sign the petition to get ME/CFS a research budget of $250 million a year!
There's a US petition and a global solidarity petition here with a long-term target of 50,000 signatures. Time we were on an equal per-patient funding basis with similar diseases!