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Our Volunteers

Phoenix Rising would not be where it is without the work of our volunteers. We’ve provided a short summary of what our volunteers have done in the past and are  continuing to do.

Some of these volunteers are no longer able to help with the work needed, so Phoenix Rising is always looking for help in various areas. If you cannot donate financially, but are able to donate small or large  😎  amounts of time, please let us know as skills are needed in every area to maintain a website like this and help it flourish.

Interested in volunteering? We’d love to talk to you. Click here to find out more.

Technology Team

  • Adin (US) – our Chief Technology Officer and  Board member, it’s hard to find an area Adin has not had  an impact in.  Adin moved  PR to the WordPress blogging platform, got the Forums/website on mobile phones, found and implemented the Envolve chat system, found and moved us onto a newsletter system, moved us to  a new server, and lead  the effort to find and then implement a new Forum package that supports Phoenix Rising’s future plans.  To top it off Adin is really good at getting PR discounts on software , comes up with new options for PR virtually every week and found a person to produce our new logo.  More than anyone else Adin has set the technological foundations for Phoenix Rising’s future growth.
  • Will (UK) – One wonders if the Forums would still be standing without Will. Will has several times uncovered the hack, glitch or virus that knocked PR off the air, has regularly updated, tweaked and improved Forum functioning and then was our lead in implementing the new Forum package in 2012 and plays a key role in our systems administration.  Our chief programmer, Will has built the foundation for the Community Rising program (coming).
  • Artem (Russia) – a  web programmer from St. Petersburg, with  a  friend with fibromyalgia, Artem was developing a Physician Review program for chronic fatigue syndrome and fibromyalgia.
  • Svet, volunteer programmer for Phoenix RisingSvet (Bulgaria) –  Svet produced code that allowed the new Envolve chat program to interact with VBulletin Forums and then the Xenforo Forum package and developed a Vbulletin to Xenforo Importer plus he upgraded our Forum logo and added logo ideas of his own.



  • Mark (UK) – Board Member and Forum Manager, from the tech end of the Forums to moderation to their makeup, Mark has rethought and impacted every area of the Forums.  Mark has been has also been invaluable in helping us lay the groundwork for Phoenix Rising to mature organizationally and he introduced us to a Wiki which will play an important role in Phoenix Rising’s development. Very active, Mark has contributed his thoughts on almost every aspect of Phoenix Rising.
  • Forum Moderators -Valentinjn, Moblet (Germany), Kurt  (US) and others – the Forum Mods – the Forum mods have one of the more important and at times precarious volunteer jobs in Phoenix Rising – maintaining an environment that calls forth fruitful discussion. When things start to go south, when the conversation starts to get personal and heated – you’ll find the moderators in the thick of it – easing tensions and soothing hurt feelings – so that the discussion may go on.


  • Karen (US) – KarenBoard member, is using decades of experience as a business owner and project manager to create structures for project fulfillment Phoenix Rising will use to accelerate project development. She is also using her business acumen to fulfill many of the administrative tasks required by a US 501c3 non-profit charity.
  • Anonymous Financial Planner (US) – ”           ” is helping Phoenix Rising develop a financial plan and accurate budgeting procedures.


  • Anonymous Editor  (US)- Phoenix Rising was in desperate need of an editor to catch grammer, spelling and other mistakes in our content.  How did we know? We were told that repeatedly :). ”       ” stepped in to help out and its been smooth sailing ever since then.
  • Dennis (US) – it was hard enough  to get research content in Las Vegas, but it became impossible when our lead content creator, Cort, moved to Mexico. With his access to research articles Dennis  has filled the research content gap for years and we are lucky indeed to have him.
  • Corrine provides a blog on her visits to Dr. Peterson for chronic fatigue syndromeCorinne (US) – Corinne  got Phoenix Rising access to Dr. Peterson and has published a series of blogs on her visits with Dr. Peterson on Phoenix Rising.


  • Cort Johnson volunteers and works for Phoenix RisingCort (US) – the Founder of Phoenix Rising, was one of the main content providers since inception and has dedicated countless hours to advocating for ME/CFS. Cort has moved on to other endeavors, but still remains dedicated to advocating for ME/CFS patients.


Interested in Volunteering?

Contact us at volunteer@phoenixrising.me !