Lo/Alter Retract pMLV Finding in CFS

Posted by Cort Johnson Just fours days after the editors of Science took it upon themselves to retract the 2008 Science paper, Lo/Alter, the authors of the FDA study at one time championed as proof that a family of XMRV-like viruses was present in ME/CFS, have retracted their PNAS findings as well. In their conclusion to be published next week


err..Correction! WPI Wins Lawsuit/Science Retracts XMRV Paper/Mikovits Back to Work on XMRV

Posted by Cort Johnson (My apologies! (Another CFS moment…) The last blog contained a draft on the first story – not the completed version.  Thanks for your patience….) When it rains it pours. Events regarding XMRV, Dr. Mikovits and the WPI have come hot and heavy during the last week. WPI’s Civil Lawsuit Against Dr. Mikovits – First some background.  Dr.

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IACFS/ME Ottawa CFS Conference Reports: XMRV II: the Coffin/Mikovits Debate, pMLV’s Strike Out …

Posted by Cort Johnson In Part II of the XMRV section of the conference we look at the Coffin/Mikovits presentations, Hanson’s update on her XMRV work and look at the recent XMRV research findings. The pMLVs Strike Out – Hanson Disavows Former Results “The sensitivity of the PCR assays used requires extreme caution in interpreting results Dr. Maureen Hanson” Background

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IACFS/ME Ottawa CFS Conference Reports: Pt 1- XMRV’s Big Test: The Blood Working Group Study

Posted by Cort Johnson Pt. IA: XMRV: the Big Test – the Blood Working Study  (Taken From the Ottawa Conference/CFIDS Association Webinar) The Blood Working Group  was  a large group (25) made of federal officials from various agencies (CDC, NIH, FDA), the Red Cross, several laboratories including the WP, several Universities and  put together just a month after the XMRV


XMRV Buzz: Annette Whittemore Confident/ A New Strain or Not?/ Another Failed HIV Attempt

Posted by Cort Johnson Annette Whittemore on Nevada Newsmakers. Looking calm and composed Annette Whittemore stated that she had been prepared for negative studies in this field but not for a stream of negative studies using protocols that were different from those used in the Lombardi study. (This must have been difficult to watch but was probably inevitable as researchers


XMRV Buzz: WPI Finally Gets Its XMRV Grant? / Dr. Mikovits in Belfast / Dr. Bell in Mass (5/26)

Posted by Cort Johnson In the year and a half since the WPI’s Science XMRV paper they have received no grants from the federal government to study XMRV, despite several attempts to procure funding.  A Gulf War news site (91Outcomes.com) reported back in March that the Congressionally Directed Medical Research Program (CDMRP) recommended funding 12 new studies, two of which were on XMRV